Insights Into Selling Your Home

The selection of real estate professionals to list your home is an important decision. For most families, their home is their most important financial asset. Many skills are needed to effectively attract the buyer and close the transaction.

Your listing agent should have a strong track record selling homes in your price range. Great listing agents have important skills not found with many buyer's agents. Listings are all about generating qualified traffic through effective marketing.

Your agent must be skilled in considering hundreds of factors to make an impact on the right target audience moving your home to the buyer's "shortlist." Strong technical skills are required to ensure your home is promoted through a network of websites, social media, and email campaigns.

Finally, strong negotiating skills can make a huge difference in selling your home and protecting your financial interests.

Serious Business.

As you think through everything involved in the sale of your home, you will quickly realize this is not the time to hire a friend, a relative, or give the listing to an agent who just got their license to help them out. Listing your home is a business decision, and you need to make it based solely on the realtor's qualifications and track record. The driver for a successful listing experience is the agent's consumer marketing experience and their marketing plan.

Experience Counts.

Sue and Scott Campbell. Sue is broker-in-charge and has over 30 years of real estate sales experience, and Scott has 46 years of consumer marketing and advertising experience. Both are consummate professionals in handling all aspects of real estate sales. Their unique commitment is best illustrated in the Prestige Marketing Plan.

Tip - Ask agents to show you the MLS report detailing homes they have sold in your neighborhood recently. 

Consider Making Some Improvements.

When you decide to list your home for sale it becomes "a product" with features and benefits that have to compete in the market with other homes in the same price range. Our team has sold 100's of homes and seen almost everything. We are happy to help you to identify areas that may need attention and also help you decide what really isn't worth the investment.

There are lots of staging ideas we can share with you that cost nothing. Perhaps the starting point is to start packing, reduce the clutter and clean out closets. The result will be a home that feels bigger and more appealing.

Pricing Is A Critical Success Factor. 

Pricing a home is challenging and very important. Real estate sales are said to be "a beauty pageant and price war." Deep market knowledge is critical to making pricing decisions. Agents should come with a well-prepared analysis to give you all the information needed to make an intelligent pricing decision. Prestige agents are highly trained in pricing strategy. Overpricing a home can cause the home to sit on the market and erode its value. Underpricing leaves money on the table. In the end, pricing is your decision. Armed with the right information, you will make the decision with confidence.




If you would like us to perform a no-obligation pricing analysis, we are happy to help.Please contact us here.

The Marketing Plan

The primary success factor in selling your home for close to the asking price and quickly is the marketing plan. Consumer marketing is a complex business. Consumers are bombarded with advertising every day. Understanding and effectively implementing the best tools to promote the unique features of your home is a critical success factor. Read about the marketing plan here

We are happy to meet with you and provide you a market evaluation of your home along with an understanding of how we will go about the important job of marketing and selling your home.

It will be our privilege to answer any questions you may have. If you have properties you would like to tour, we are also happy to schedule showings. Please call or text us at 843-259-9913 or email us below.

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