Recent Prestige Buyer Transactions

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Prestige Real Estate Group goes way beyond the norm in creative deals for our buyer clients. We work with clients at all price points who are ready, willing and able to purchase high quality homes at amazing prices.

An example of a Prestige Transaction -

514 Park Crossing Street is a beautiful golf course home in Daniel Island Park. The home was built by one of the most highly regarded builders in the Charleston area and originally listed at $3,170,000. Over time it was reduced to $2,295,000. With a lot of hard work and dedication by our team of inspectors, attorneys, and real estate agents, we were to represent our clients in buying the home for just $1,000,500 at an auction held by the Master In Equity for Berkeley County. Approximately 6 years later Prestige Real Estate sold the home to a new lucky buyer for $1,850,000





370 Ralston Creek, Daniel Island Park

 Deep Water Home

Original Price       Reduced Price Prestige Client Paid
  $6,400,000         $5,999,000        $4,650,000


514 Park Crossing, Daniel Island Park

Golf Course Home

Original Price       Reduced Price Prestige Client Paid
 $3,170,000          $2,295,000       $1,000,500



 165 Royal Assembly, Beresford Hall

2.7 Acre Island

Original Price        Reduced Price Prestige Client Paid
  $3,895,000          $1,690,000        $1,400,000


 6055 Grand Council

$133/ Sq. Ft.!

Original Price Reduced Price Prestige Client Paid
   $629,900     $399,900         $392,000

There are wonderful opportunities available for great deals on homes, condos or home sites at all price points. They are not always on the MLS. Networking among realtors, bankers, attorneys and foreclosure courts is more important than ever in our profession. Our team knows the intimate details of most properties - especially on Daniel Island. Knowing the owners and the history of the home proves valuable to negotiations. Our agents are highly skilled negotiators who will allow you to relax with the knowledge your are extremely well represented.

We have a tradition of doing great deals at all price points using non traditional approaches when beneficial to our clients. If you have questions, please give us a call at 843-259-9913 or contact us.