Become a Prestige Insider!

We know you hate to sign up on a web site... they'll call me at all hours day and night and pester me to death. We are way too busy and successful to take time to chase you if you aren't excited to work with us. However, if you will trust us with your contact information we will send you:

1. Prestige Insider newsletter

We will include you in the Prestige Insider email newsletters and deal of the week promos. Our goal is to educate you to the ins and outs of getting a great deal. Things like average cost per sq. ft. for each neighborhood, the real days on market, and homes that are very well priced due to sellers needing to relieve financial stress.

2. Your Saved Searches

Every day realtors program "saved searches" for homes using search criteria important to their clients. This service allows you to do the same. Set up search criteria, give the search a name and then with one click you can run the search whenever you log in.

3. Daily Real Estate reports -

Our software sends you properties every morning based on your search criteria as they come on the market . You will see new listings, price changes, and even new pictures added to your favorite homes. This way you will never miss a new listing.

4. Foreclosure Auction Lists

You will have the opportunity to sign up with us to see homes scheduled to be auctioned off on the steps of the court house. We have in depth knowledge and can help you get amazing deals. Here is an example

5. Special Notice of Homes No One Else knows About

I guess this is starting to sound like an infomercial to get rich quick, but the truth is that we do know of homes that are not on the market or are coming on the market soon. These are homes that are off the market because they are refinancing their mortgage, they are being renovated, they are new construction nearing completion, owners have told us they want to avoid the hassle of lots of showings and just trust us to bring the few really qualified prospects to see their home.

If you are a serious buyer, we hope you will register with us. If at anytime you want to be removed from our list, we are happy to do so. Also, we do not hare our lists with anyone.