Listing A Home For Sale

Consider the neurosurgeon in Boston looking to move to Charleston. The goal is to get on his/her radar screen and make sure they see your home. You are one of the thousands of candidates. Selling your home is said to be "a beauty pageant and price war." Your agent has to know how to get your home on the neurosurgeon's shortlist and it's a lot of highly-skilled work!

Critical Success Factors

  1. Creating awareness leading to showings.
  2. Presenting the features of the home while a showing is occurring.
  3. After showing reinforcement of the features and benefits of the home.

It is also important to realize you are also trying to reach two distinct audiences. First, prospective buyers and, second, realtors and their buyer clients. Two different skills are needed: consumer marketing to reach prospects and business-to-business marketing to reach realtors.

Creating Awareness

Our marketing professionals go to work. We use a wide range of marketing techniques and ever-changing technology to reach target markets. Some highlights:

Professional Photography

Top listing agents realize that a critical success factor in creating excitement about a property is compelling photography. They hire professional photographers who capture "money shots" and "hero images" of the home. Small things like high tide for waterfront homes, sunsets, beautiful blue sky make a world of difference. Interior lighting should be well done. Images should show off the magnificent views through the windows while not being "blown out" due to too much light.

The kitchen, master bath and outside living spaces should have "WOW" factor. Walls and ceiling should be corrected for lens distortion. It seems a small number of agents go to the trouble and expense to hire a strong professional photographer and pay to have distortion corrected. The wrong photos may lead to a long wait to get your home sold.

Professional copywriting - Buyers decide what homes they want to see. They call their agents and say they want to see their 10 top picks on Saturday. We believe they should be able to read about the home and feel they are experiencing it. Short bullets or three lines of the description says your home isn't worth the time to see it. Add bad pictures to a bad write up and, oh my, what a shame. 

Powerful Internet Presence - Just as you have found us on this site, thousands of others do every day. We work hard to present our listings in their best light. Our web site attracts buyers from all over the world. We believe users want detailed information about homes. With, visitors can search their favorite communities quickly and identify homes with full details, big pictures of homes, videos, and property web sites.

SEO (search engine optimization) is essential. If you ask your agent about SEO and they look at you blankly, nicely show them the door. Having a great web site is essential. Having it on page one at the top of the page is huge.

How often do you search Google past the first page for something? We use Google Adwords and important SEO techniques to optimize our site so it is presented when the neurosurgeon in Boston decides to search for his new home in Charleston, he finds us first.

A Network Of Hundreds Of Websites - The Internet is the undisputed king for promoting homes for sale. Prospects use the web to search to find homes and then keep going back to check out their favorite home as they make final decisions. They may live anywhere in the world or across the street.

We cast a wide net using a network of web sites to reach every possible prospective buyer for your home. If your home is listed with Prestige prospects are aware of your home fast. The MLS populates hundreds of web sites in addition to those we enhance manually (again the pictures and description need to be outstanding). 

Showing Management - So we accomplished step one - the neurosurgeon's family got on the plane and now they are in your home. Yahoo! You polished the home top to bottom, replaced those burned-out light bulbs, baked cookies - a lot of work... you say to yourself surely they will buy your home, it looks great!

Guess what... the family visits your home with their agent who has never been in your home before!  So they fumble around the home, flipping on a few lights... getting a general idea of how the home feels and decide if they like it. No discussion about the fabulous mosquito control system in your yard, the history of the stained glass doors you reclaimed from an old church, the stacked closets which are designed for a future elevator shaft, the fact the carpeting is 4 days old and on and on.

You had your friendly agent over to discuss listing the home. You painstakingly walked through your home telling them everything that has been done and why your home is the great home it is. They took copious notes. (They didn't take notes? Ouch).

Top listing agents host showings. Hosting a showing is an art. Buyers and their agents want the information, but they don't want a listing agent hanging over them. The listing agent needs to be warmly enthusiastic, point out hidden features and share what living in the home is really like. A well done showing leaves buyers excited with a solid knowledge of the strengths of the home. Perhaps best of all, when the showing is complete and the buyers are out front talking it over, the listing agent calls you and gives you meaningful feedback.

If the listing agent can't be there in person, they need to provide the visual aids to tell the story - compelling brochures and feature signs throughout the house are important. We take all those notes about the home and painstakingly create full-color multipage brochures showing great photos and details of the home. Buyers like the neurosurgeon love our brochure's Quick Facts section which tells him facts like the name of the builder; the total square footage;  special features of the home. Every big-ticket sale deserves big-ticket collateral materials.

Showing Reinforcement- We have piqued the neurosurgeon's interest. You are on the shortlist. What do they do to decide if your home is THE ONE? They go back to the brochure, re-look at the pictures on the web site, read all the details about the home. The brochure, the web site pictures, and description all need to be compelling to help close the sale. This is hard work, but it is another critical success factor. 

The Buyer's Agent Is Important

Network and build relationships-There are about 5,000 real estate agents in Charleston. In addition to reaching the prospect as discussed above, we need to get those 5,000 agents excited about your home and bringing their buyer clients. We work hard to develop relationships with the agent community. We return their calls promptly, give them feedback when we show their listings and develop trust.

Market to them - We also use sophisticated email software to draw real estate agents' attention to our listings. Send copies of our brochures to agents who are working with prospects shopping in your home's price range.

Press Easy Button - We work to make it as easy as possible for them to show our listings. We turn on the lights, put brochures and feature signs out, pick up newspapers out of the driveway. They press The Easy Button if we do it right. It's a people business. By helping them succeed we succeed.

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. When it's time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of a professional real estate agent. If you'd like to discuss the possibility of our team selling, please call us at 843-849-3300 or email us below.

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