Questions About Charleston SC

Frequently asked questions about Charleston covering a variety of subjects.

How is the weather in Charleston?

Winters are typically mild ranging from about 45-55 degrees during the day with occasional days in the 80s to remind us we live in paradise. We get a few nights each year below freezing. The best times of year are March through June and September through November. July and August get quite hot and humid. Here are the average temps. by month.

How is traffic congestion in Charleston?

Perhaps one of the best features of the area is the limited number of traffic jams and ease of navigating the city. You can get almost anywhere in Charleston in 20-30 minutes. The only time you run into serious traffic is in the event there is an accident on a bridge on 526. Also, traffic can be heavy around the intersection of Hwy 26 and 526 during rush hour. There are numerous major projects funded and in the planning stages to add capacity on our local highways. Be sure to check out the typical traffic for your commute. Certain back roads can get heavy at times.

How is shopping in Charleston?

If you are coming from a major city you will love Charleston's size and beauty, but shopping is more limited. Most of the major stores are here but they tend to be smaller scale than the huge stores you may be used to. Of course, living in paradise all you really need is flip flops, a T-shirt and shorts!

How are the schools in Charleston?

Typically we find that families are pleased with the quality of education available in the area. If you have school-age children, you will want to carefully research schools before making a purchase decision on your home. There are also excellent private schools in the area. Be sure to see the Charleston Schools of this site for more information. 

Should we be concerned about hurricanes in Charleston?

Yes, you should be aware that hurricanes can hit Charleston. The last major hurricane was Hugo which hit Charleston over 30 years ago in September 1989. Obviously these are not frequent events but, nonetheless, you want to be prepared for the possibility. Homes in Charleston are built according to building codes that take this possibility into account. Perhaps living in paradise brings with it this risk. If it is a major concern for your family you will want to look for homes in areas where the damage would be less significant such as away from the barrier island and perhaps west of Highway 17. We are happy to share insights into where the higher risk for flood zones are in Charleston. 

How does flood insurance work?

This is a federal program administered by FEMA. Rates are based on federal flood elevations. This FAQs section of the FEMA site may be helpful - FEMA FAQS 

Do you have alligators in Charleston?

You will see alligators in ponds and lakes throughout the area. They are not much of a concern for locals as alligators are typically timid and will run from humans. 

What is Hardiplank siding?

You will find a lot of the better homes in the area have Hardiplank siding. This is a fiber concrete board that has excellent durability in high wind environments. It also helps with fire deterrent characteristics. Paint sticks to Hardiplank siding better than it does to wood. With the high moisture levels in our area,  it is a good idea to avoid homes with too much wood.  Hardiplank is an excellent alternative.

What can you tell me about Charleston Airport?

Great airport! It is not a hub for any airline, but many of the major carriers fly here. You can typically find direct flights to Atlanta, Chicago and major cities in the northeast. United, Delta, U.S. Air, Southwest, and Frontier fly here. Best of all, the average delay time for flights from Charleston is less than 10 minutes. You will love how easy it is - great parking, easy to navigate, and the rocking chairs by the windows seem to relax everyone from normal travel stress.

Do you have bugs in Charleston?

We do have bugs here similar to what you might experience up north in the summer. The counties are proactive about aerial spraying which does make the pesky aspects of mosquitos and noseeums quite manageable. Bug issues are not an everyday issue. Screened porches are a good idea and mosquito misting systems work very well.

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