Daniel Island SC Schools

Daniel Island SC students are fortunate indeed. The original planners for the island put a premium on education. Some of the best property was dedicated to schools right from the start. With many teachers and administrators living on the island, the students and parents have an unusually great working relationship with the school. It is truly special to watch the kids walking or riding their bikes to school. Elementary, middle school and Bishop England High School are on the island. The Phillip Simons High School opened in 2017 just about 5 miles away. You will want to do your own research, but as a start, the feedback heard on the island is outstanding.

Daniel Island Academy

Offering education for ages 1-5, Daniel Island Academy prepares the youngest students for kindergarten and beyond. Located in Downtown Daniel Island the school is accredited by NAYEC, The National Assoc. for the Education of Young Children. Staffed by friendly and caring professionals it serves as a springboard for children entering the education system.

Daniel Island School

Grades K-8 190,000 square feet located on Daniel Island Drive near the Berkeley County Library. The Daniel Island School, opened in 2006, is now home to more than 1200 students. The school is Advance ED Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. This school has been recognized by the Educational Oversight Committee with Gold or Silver Awards 7 years in a row and is rated exemplary in Language, math and science curriculums. The school mascot is the Osprey. Hundreds of students ride bicycles to school daily making for a colorful display on the school lawn. It’s a refreshing step back in time to be sure.

Photo of bikes in front of Daniel Island School

Bishop England High School


Grades 9-12. Bishop England High school moved to Daniel Island from downtown Charleston in 1998. Bishop England High School was the recipient of an enormous tract of land, some 40 acres, donated by the Guggenheim Trust. In the spirit of “if you build it they will come” Bishop England is now the largest private high sPhoto of Bishop England High Schoolchool in the state of South Carolina. Known for their prowess in athletic competitions the school enjoys an impressive academic standing too. The Battling Bishops can be found across the street from Etiwan Park.

Philip Simmons High School

Philip Simmons was a noted Charleston artist who worked his craft in iron. Examples of his work can be seen on the gates of hundreds of homes in the historic district. There are installations of his work at the Charleston Visitor Center and at the Charleston Airport. The 214,000 square foot Phillip Simons High School was completed in the fall of 2017 at a cost of $70 million, it is the largest school in the Berkeley County School District. The expansion of Clements Ferry Road makes the 3 mile drive a breeze.