Daniel Islander Runs The Ravenel Bridge

Posted by Mike Davis on Monday, October 8th, 2012 at 4:37pm.

Today was Columbus Day. A cold front pushed through sometime this morning and triggered a round of thunderstorms. It also changed the temperature significantly. Yesterday our high was 88 and today it  won't make 70 degrees. In celebration of the climate change I donned my mostly unused exercise gear and headed off for the challange of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. This 3 mile engineering traffic marvel connects Mount Pleasant to Charleston and this morning I'm walking it all. 8:00 a.m. I lock my car in the lot at the foot of the bridge at Mt. P's waterfront park. Within one minute I'm through the lot and onto the bridge's pedestrian lanes. Two lanes here. One for walkers and joggers and one for bikes. The first mile is uphill and it climbs rather steeply. At the end of the mile you are rewarded with an outstanding vista. Patriot's Point Maritime Museum is to your left, Fort Sumter straight ahead and Historic Charleston to the right. From this point you are almost 200 feet above the water and the view is tremendous. I'm on a mission though so off I go to my destiny with the Charleston end of the bridge .It is astounding how many people are on the bridge. It's like a huge stairmaster owned by the entire community.  Someusers  are running at an alarming pace. Some are riding bikes at breakneck speeds. Who is chasing these people?  I even see a kid wearing just one shoe. I wonder if the other is in the Cooper River below? What goes up must come down so it's downhill all the rest of the way for me. I think about running but quickly come to my senses. Forty two minutes after I started I am on East Bay Street in the city. Now I get to walk back. Since the last two miles were downhill I get the same distance uphill this time, When you round the bend and look up the bridge from downtown Charleston two uphill miles looks very intimidating. I soldier on. Somwhere short of the apex I wonder why I didn't take the water taxi from East Bay Street back to Patriot's Point. Forty Three minutes after I leave Charleston I'm back at the car feeling a bit smug and vowing to do this again tomorrow...maybe.

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