Thanksgiving In Charleston

Posted by Scott Campbell on Thursday, November 24th, 2011 at 10:59am.

It is so much fun living in different places throughout your life. Thanksgiving always is slightly different depending on where you live. I grew up in Valley Forge, PA. It was always cold and Dad would spend the day bringing in firewood to stoke the roaring fire while mom created amazing smells from the kitchen - they always starved us kids until 3:00 when we finally had Thanksgiving dinner. Then there was Chagrin Falls, Ohio where is snowed every Thanksgiving. I used to love plowing snow on my little tractor and playing with my kids in front of our roaring fire. We starved our kids all day too. Then there was Denver. We would run in the Turkey Trot. Five miles of racing really worked up a great appetite for the turkey dinner. We spend the rest of the weekend skiing in Vail, Cooper Mountain or Breckenridge - tough life.

Charleston is the most unique experience of all the places we have lived. I had to mow the grass yesterday so our home looked good for the Thanksgiving weekend. The temperature is about 80! Sometimes it gets down to 65 this time a year - yucky cold. This morning we road bikes through Daniel Island. Lots of folks are doing their "turkey trot" on the beach working up an appetite for the big event. A friend is out bonding with his boys while fishing on their boat. When everyone is starving because mom has chased them out of the kitchen all day, dinner is served. Charleston is known for its chefs and Thanksgiving dinner is always full of surprises - butternut squash bisque, deep fried turkey, serving bowls overflowing with strange looking delectables like okra, brussel sprouts, fried green tomatoes, fried green pickles, shrimp and grits, fresh oyster stuffing and on and on. And then there is the best part - desert - pecan pie, key lime pie, pumpkin pie (picked yesterday fresh from the pumpkin patch). After dinner we watch the same football games everyone else does. It’s been a great day and we have the rest of the 4 day weekend to get back in shape playing golf and tennis, walking the beach and playing on the boat.
What a great life. Lots to give thanks for...
Have a great Thanksgiving wherever you may be!!!
Ps It's noon here. The smells from the kitchen are amazing. 3 hours to go...I think I can  make it.
      Sue & Scott Campbell

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