Second Sunday - Daniel Island To King Street

Posted by Mike Davis on Monday, October 15th, 2012 at 12:38pm.

Well, my pockets are empty this morning. It is ,of course, my own fault. I know that the second Sunday of each month is the day that King Street here in Charleston is closed to vehicles and merchants move their business outside. What was I thinking? My gal and I had barely travelled half a block when the aroma from an Asian noodle house lured us in. We had done so well in avoiding the 20 eating establishments we had passed up to this point. Maybe just a snack?  After some quick nourishment we traveled a mere 50 yards into Bob Ellis, Charleston's premier shoe purveyor. Jimmy, Manola and Stewart were all hanging around on the shelf waiting to be taken home and she tried them all on. Al Bundy would have been proud! We escaped but just in the nick of time. Racks of clothing and other inventory were displayed all along the sidewalk that is normally packed with tourists.Today pedestrians walk in the street, or should I, promenade?  Conversation was rampant between locals and visitors alike sharing stories of bargains and great meals. Diners were sampling the fare of some of King Streets finest restaurants and enjoying the parade of bag toters. Speaking of bag toters, when did I become one too? Farther down the street Charleston Place looms and we stop and dream of owning the full set of Louis Vuitton luggage featured in the window. The antique sector was next and while their collectables were indoors the doors are all flung open inviting you in. The bags I'm toting seem to be multiplying and thankfully the whole 8-10 block walk has been completed. Luckily we have completed the circuit within the five hours of street closure and are convienently in front of Il Cortile de Re [courtyard in the sun] just in time for dinner. Now that's good timing! Next month Second Sunday is November 11th!

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