Record Home Prices in Historic Charleston!

Posted by Scott Campbell on Monday, July 11th, 2016 at 2:39pm.

The market is booming in downtown Charleston. Last week a Bed and Breakfast called, “Pink Palace”, or 5 East Battery,  sold for $6.5 million. The bed and breakfast will be used for single family residence by the new owners. This beautiful historic home has 24 rooms, five halls, six baths, four stairways and seven black marble mantels. A few weeks ago the James Simmons House at 37 Meeting St also sold for $7.5 million, the second-highest ever in historic Charleston. This pre-Revolutionary War house is a historic gem in Charleston. The home was used as Confederate headquarters during the Civil War. The home constructed in 1760, is a 8,384-square-foot residence, that was bought in 1840, for only $9,000!  Now it is only the second most expensive sale ever in the city behind Col. John Ashe House, 32 South Battery, which sold for 7.72 million in August of last year. It is an exciting time in Charleston with so many families and businesses moving here to take advantage of the wonderful lifestyle here. Homes values are increasing at a reasonable rate and the future for the city seems to have no limits.


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