Life on Daniel Island is so confusing!

Posted by Scott Campbell on Sunday, December 9th, 2012 at 2:52pm.

Well it's winter and football season. Great time of year - snuggle by the fireplace, watch football games, split firewood at half time and maybe build a snow man. That's how it was living in Evergreen Colorado. Then we moved to Daniel Island. It's December and it's a beautiful sunny day and a balmy almost 80 degree day. Hum - what a different lfestyle. Record the football game and jump in the boat or hit the beach. Football has to wait until sun down when temperatures plumet to 55-60 degrees - freeeezing cold (for us). This is especally confusing because our Denver Broncos are heading for th Superbowl. Much excitment in our house about the football season, but it can wait. You just have to do it all on a day like this. We can rest when we are dead!

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