Fridays Sunrise

Posted by Mike Davis on Monday, October 8th, 2012 at 3:59pm.

It was an easy walk of sorts. Probably a little complicated by the pitch dark and puddles left by the ebbing surf. I carried only my Stanley thermos. Five a.m. and I'm on my way up the beach for the sunrise. There was no issue parking the car at this hour. In fact my vehicle occupies the first spot off the pier at the Isle of Palms. On my hike I see only two other people, both with dogs, both jogging. Are they kidding? After what seems like an eternity I have made my way up past the Grand Pavillion at Wild Dunes and select a spot on a downed palm trunk and pour my first cup of Starbucks Cafe Verona. I wait. The sky is brighter now at 6:15. It's a mix of greys and I wonder if I picked the wrong day. Is it going to rain? Without an umbrella I will be drenched on my walk back. Then all is well. The first shards of the suns rays pierce through the now whispy cloud cover. Suddenly the sky is an amazing mix of orange, red, violet, yellow on a pale blue background .I see Gaudi's inspiration for the stained glass at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona but only for a few moments before the South Carolina sunrise is in full bloom. The sky is full of the bright yellow ball of the sun. It's only then that I realize that I'm not at all alone. Dozens of people have appeared behind me all standing awestruck at this morning. Now I realize that I don't have a camera. Never seem to when I need one. Someone shouts "You da Man !" and we all kind of know what he means. There is some robust applause and just like that, it's another day.  In paradise.

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