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Today was Columbus Day. A cold front pushed through sometime this morning and triggered a round of thunderstorms. It also changed the temperature significantly. Yesterday our high was 88 and today it  won't make 70 degrees. In celebration of the climate change I donned my mostly unused exercise gear and headed off for the challange of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge. This 3 mile engineering traffic marvel connects Mount Pleasant to Charleston and this morning I'm walking it all. 8:00 a.m. I lock my car in the lot at the foot of the bridge at Mt. P's waterfront park. Within one minute I'm through the lot and onto the bridge's pedestrian lanes. Two lanes here. One for walkers and joggers and one for bikes. The first mile is uphill and it climbs rather steeply. At…
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It was an easy walk of sorts. Probably a little complicated by the pitch dark and puddles left by the ebbing surf. I carried only my Stanley thermos. Five a.m. and I'm on my way up the beach for the sunrise. There was no issue parking the car at this hour. In fact my vehicle occupies the first spot off the pier at the Isle of Palms. On my hike I see only two other people, both with dogs, both jogging. Are they kidding? After what seems like an eternity I have made my way up past the Grand Pavillion at Wild Dunes and select a spot on a downed palm trunk and pour my first cup of Starbucks Cafe Verona. I wait. The sky is brighter now at 6:15. It's a mix of greys and I wonder if I picked the wrong day. Is it going to rain? Without an umbrella I will be…
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Our hats are off to Boeing, with a special shout out to all of the company’s hard working employees and their families here in the Lowcountry!  The Seattle-based aerospace giant just announced that on April 27, the North Charleston plant will finally roll out its first completed aircraft, the widely-anticipated 787 Dreamliner .  The Dreamliner is a large capacity airliner featuring new lighter weight carbon-reinforced plastic composite materials instead of traditional aluminum parts significantly boosting fuel-efficiency. The Dreamliner is set for its inaugural flight sometime in June.

 We are thrilled to be a small part of Boeing’s successful move to the Charleston area. In 2009, shortly after the company announced

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